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Why should we respect a female?

Why should we respect a female?
– Deciding what to wear every morning.
– Making sure your bra doesn’t show.
– Being dumped.
– Wondering what you did wrong.
– Insecure about your boyfriend.
– Apologizing without your fault.
– Tweezing your eyebrows perfectly.
– Waxing her body hair.
– Grooming your hair perfect.
– Being cheated on.
– Being lied to.
– Being loved and left to suffer.
– Being misunderstood.
– Being called fat.
– Being judged by strangers. – Being called a whore if you’re not a virgin.
– Expected to look beautiful always.
– Expected to smell good always.
– Expected to act like a lady 24*7.
– Periods.
– Imagine bleeding out for an entire week.
– Having to deal with cramps.
– Menstruation and pain.
– Child birth.
– Imagine having a 7-10 pounds baby coming out of you.
– Still Disrespected.
– Goes through harassment.
– Judged on drinking or smoking.
– Bad image. – Called. – ‘Whore’. ‘Cunt’. – ‘Slut’. – ‘Bitch’. – ‘Ugly’. – ‘Fat’. – ‘Weird’.
Girls go through so much…
Trust me. But you know what?
They still walk around with a beautiful smile.
Respect and appreciate them for their golden hearts not for what she wears or how hot she is.
Beauty fades with time but a woman with a good heart stays young from within for like forever.
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