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Why menstrual education is must in schools ?


Menstruation is a difficult time for a woman, more so because of the various social and mobility restrictions placed upon her. There are various social norms, unwritten rules and taboos surrounding menstruation.  Entry in religious spaces, working in the kitchen, and various other such bounds are placed upon women.


Majority of women did not have an understanding of biological reasons for menstruation and followed age-old myths and beliefs passed on over generations. The ‘impurity’ associated with menstruation lowers self-esteem of adolescent girls, affects their decision-making ability and perpetuates gender inequity at a very young age.


Menstrual education in India is, sadly but unsurprisingly, beyond abysmal. The inherent stigmatization and shame that comes from talking, and thus teaching about menstruation, lead to poor imparting of crucial information and, in turn, incomplete knowledge. According to a survey on Menstrual Hygiene in India, while 97.3% of the people surveyed considered menstruation to be a biological process, 11% had no idea about this concept until they had their first period, and almost 19% were confused about it. This translates to almost one in five girls.


Is it alarming  ???

#periods_are_normal , an initiative by ADiBha She Vision to end period poverty, period stigma and period shame.

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