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Why Am I All Alone ?



Why am I forgotten, alone, every crowded night?
When all rejoice and merry with friends?
Why am I seated alone, in thought, by myself
When every wholesome smile beams for a friend?
And every single heart beats for its love?

In nights like this, as I sit by my balcony
Cold tears slowly trickles down my silent face,
In nights like this, when a lost man would light a marijuana
Strange thoughts dwell around my place.
For why am I a friend of the loneliness?

I’m jilted in despair forgotten with the night
With no glimmer of hope to shine the light
I still sit solitary in grief talking to myself
For I love to be alone, abandoned to succeed
‘cause being alone reveals the depth of my needs.

They Call Me Nari

Hi! I am Anushree Dash… Freethinker
1 Part Entrepreneur
2 Parts Writer
3 Parts Social reformer
4 Parts explorer
5 Parts photographer, Too many Parts. A free-spirited,non-conformist,,impenitent,independent,adventurous,boho soul and an admirer of life. Loves my Indian roots, Culture, Aesthetic Living, Saree, Poetry …


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