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When being strong is the only choice …


“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice.”
                                                                                                             -Bob Marley


No one ever explained to us what that thing called adversity is. In fact, it just shows up itself, as a TEACHER.

Sometimes it is triggered by a major life event such as the loss of a loved one, or a betrayal by someone we loved, or the loss of a job, or a debilitating sickness or injury.

Sometimes it is triggered by a dream that goes unfulfilled for an extended period of time such as an inability to conceive a child, or an inability to get ahead in your job or business venture, or an inability to find that special person to love and spend your life with.

And sometimes it is triggered not by one big thing, but by the compilation of a million little things going wrong or not going right that have slowly piled on you until they have become unbearable.

Challenges,we all face it in each and every facet of our lives.We all embrace the pain, go through it.But we ask these question often to our self “God Why? Why does this happen to me?

It all boils down to the fact that most people don’t believe in themselves – most people undervalue themselves and undervalue their capabilities.The un-doable becomes the only option and when you only have one option, you succeed. You will find your strength when you believe that you need to find that strength.


As women we are being labelled weak,but there comes a time when we just have to be strong, strong for each other,strong for the goodness of our future, for the sake of other women. If being strong is your only option, accept your vulnerability.Stop feeling sorry for yourself, it will not get you anywhere. You take up your armor and your sword, act intelligently.

As women let us use our life challenges and the pain that we have gone through to motivate other women. You might be wishing to be like the woman next door to you, but until you hear what she has gone through that when you will understand.

Do not compare your chapter 1 with someone else’s chapter 5, you do not know what they went through.




One thing for sure,at the end of the day what does not kill you only makes you stronger. The most important thing we should all do as women, young, old, singles, mothers, sisters and the like ,let us be strong because it is the only option that we have after all that can restore our joy at the end of the day…

I have been at that point myself many, many times in my life and as much as I hate to admit it, chances are I will come to that point many more Suddenly I realized that all these problems make me learn something and I became a better person, improving my skills. In addition, now I looked back and I understand why I need that lesson.

You face the hard times and you learn lessons.Period …
You have to forget the words “give up”.


We can only empower each other if we are strong and able because we can.So believe in your self even when no one else believes in you because you are more strong than you ever thought.

Whatever you are going through, you CAN get through it,you WILL get through it, and it WILL make you stronger. It will make you wiser and it will make you better.

They Call Me Nari

Hi! I am Anushree Dash… Freethinker
1 Part Entrepreneur
2 Parts Writer
3 Parts Social reformer
4 Parts explorer
5 Parts photographer, Too many Parts. A free-spirited,non-conformist,,impenitent,independent,adventurous,boho soul and an admirer of life. Loves my Indian roots, Culture, Aesthetic Living, Saree, Poetry …


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