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The Paratha Story


Being an explorer you feel bliss when you get an incredible place to sit and relax which serves food
to pamper your taste buds and piping hot masala tea.I have figured out something on my way to the famous Nandi hills and believe me,that itself is an adventure.

Located in Devanahalli around 10 kms from Kempegowda International airport,Bengaluru on the foothills of Hill Jain temple.

Indian Paratha company,popularly known as IPC by foodies is a rare highway restaurant which makes you forget all the stress and strain of the journey.

Strategically located on NH 44 near Bengaluru international airport,the popular stretch which connects Bengaluru to Hyderabad, Bellary and popular weekend destinations like Nandi Hills, Skandagiri, etc.
It serves best vegetarian food.It’s a perfect destination for a relaxed weekend drive.
Hassle-free parking space add value to the place.

A cottage cafe to be precise where one can spend hours together.If you are a selfie freak,don’t forget to hit the place before sunset.For others,do carry your lenses with you and capture some nice shots.

Pakoda platter in IPC is the best way to spend time with friends with a never ending chit -chat.The platter contained onion,bell pepper and paneer pakoda,crisp and perfectly spiced.Another favorite of mine is the stuffed pararthas whether it achari masti paratha or paneer paratha…

Just give it a try…

How can I forget to include Parathzza,a unique combination of Paratha and Pizza.The base was perfectly cooked and absolutely perfect amount of toppings…


Irish coffee is another thing on the menu one should definitely try .
A blend of caramel,cream and coffee surely going to give a tickle to your tastebuds.

For dessert lovers,Kulfi is a must have…

Final verdict :

Nice Ambiance…Perfect Location …Quality service and yummy food(though over-priced and can be a big hole to your pocket)…Pricing is bit on a higher side ,but it’s fine as they got their own expenses to meet.

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