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That time of the month…


Are you ever around women who seem frustrated upset or irritated? Have you ever asked one of them if she is on her period or perhaps been tempted to inquire?

How many of you have ever asked or heard this question, “Is it that time of the month for you?”

Society expects women to be cheerful. Anytime a woman is lightly in a bad mood. It’s always because of her period.


PMS: Premenstrual Syndrome, is talked quite often and there are plenty of jokes surrounding it. These jokes aren’t funny when they discount a woman’s potential and intelligence. How each month women turn into dangerous beings whose only capacities are whining, yelling and eating chocolate. I love an excuse to eat chocolates but that excuse isn’t worth the lack of respect of emotions and opinions. Presuming that female reproductive organs make women behave irrationally is RUDE & SEXIST.




Women have been bleeding once a month since dawn of the time and even during “that time of the month”, they have achieved greatness. They have ruled nations, closed business deals, run households, hosted dinner parties during this so called “that time of the month”


Then WHY women are ridiculed and shamed for something that they can not control and for something that doesn’t control them?

I would call it “GASLIGHTING”. So when a women points out someone’s wrongdoing, they play the PMS card. They try to make a woman doubt that she is able to properly assess whether or not it was wrongdoing. They make her doubt the validity of her perception.


A menstruating woman doesn’t loose her rationality, just as a man with an annoying paper cut is still capable of making decisions. Dismissing one’s opinions because they’re unstable, that’s gaslighting.

Unless you actually believe in women’s inferiority and want to imply that you don’t think women and girls can act rationally, never ever ask them at any point of time, ” Are you on your periods ?” or “Is it that time of the month?”

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