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Sustainability lies in repeating

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Constant expectation to look great.Constant pressure to step out every time wearing something new.My question is should you really care?

People consider an outfit to be ‘old’ after wearing it fewer than three times.While it is considered perfectly acceptable for a man to wear the same suit to work, or T-shirt and jeans to social functions, women often feel pressure to wear something different to every occasion which helps to fuel a rampant culture of throwaway fashion.Women feel self-conscious about repeating outfits.The world is encouraging you to never wear the same outfit twice even though it may be your favorite.



Buying for social media:

Oh!How can we forget the Instagram,Facebook and et cetera on our life !!!A study shows most people shop just to flaunt it on Instagram and Facebook.Because once it’s on social media, you can’t wear it again, right? Wrong…

Repeating outfit is not sin…Repeating outfits shows you have a strong sense of style and you are owning it.Thankfully,fashion is shifting towards more sustainable view points and buying clothing that is high quality and built to last, there’s more reason than ever to repeat your favorite looks.Conscious closet is more acceptable these days and sustainable fashion,ethical fashion,slow fashion and eco-fashion are the buzz words in fashion industry.


Once a sinner:

Before couple of years,I can recall my mindset.I was always having something new to wear.I was constantly searching of a new purchase both online and offline so that I could avoid repeating an outfit.I’d spend my weekends planning my outfits for the week.And those weekends visiting my favorite stores.

Even i was so addicted that I had started giving tips to my Mom…You were wearing this saree to Mishra’s party ,please don’t go for it in Kapoor’s party.

But my idea of fashion has changed over time …Slowly but for good…I believe same outfit can be paired with different accessories,different footwear,bags in different occasions. It’s like playing around with your wardrobe and it’s fun.


There’s always this boost of confidence we get whenever we wear an outfit that we already know works for us. And that, ladies, is the most important thing.A single piece can be versatile and it depends on your styling and more often your attitude to carry it.I think if you like an outfit, you should rock it and not worry about what anyone thinks – the reality is, they probably haven’t even noticed that you wore the same combination recently.


Moral of the story? If you like an outfit, repeat it!

Clothing industry is the second large polluter in the world.But do we really care?Hoarding clothes has a negative impact on our environment.So start thinking about the environment.

My Mantra:
  • Re-style & Re-wear
  • Wear what works for you
  • Reduce,Recycle,Re-purpose and Reinvent


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    Bharati mishra

    Good article


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