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Not just another Sun Temple


I have fascination towards Indian art,architecture.

For me these sculptures speak.They speak about the bygone era.They speak about the great history.They speak about our rich heritage.


The fact that in a country like India where we worship each and every form of nature other than idols,we have a limited number of Sun temple.

After visiting the length and breath of the beautiful country and witnessing the grandeur of Sun temple of Konark ,I could not stop myself from visiting Modhera.

This was my last visit to Ahmedabad(Amdavad what they call out of love).I took a road trip to Modhera from the colorful city of Ahmedabad and the wanderer in me,got a lifetime experience.

One will be awestruck by the precision, hard work, method, knowledge, observation and indomitable devotion of the thousands of people to make this jaw dropping structure of Modhera.Depiction of Sun, one of the panchbhuta, and its unity with other 4 elements ( Air, Water, Earth & Space) in the architecture is evident.

Wow Factor:

On equinoxes, with the perfect planning and precision of the architecture, sun rays enter the main sanctum .
In those days light used to further reflect to other idols from the correctly placed diamond on the head of Sun God.

History behind the Sun Temple of Modhera:

Built in the early 11th Century by the Chalukya dynasty, the Modhera Sun Temple in Gujarat is one of the few temples dedicated to the Sun God in India.Located near the river Pushpawati in Mehsana district, it’s not a living temple and no worship is offered here anymore.

However, if you are planning a visit to Gujarat, do keep this in your itinerary – it’s beautiful and not too far from Ahmedabad.

It is believed that Lord Rama had performed yagna here to cleanse the sin of killing Brahmin Ravana.
In 1026, the temple was built by King Bhimdev of the Solanki dynasty (believed to be the descendants of the lineage of Sun God).

The surrounding area of Modhera used to be known as Dharmaranya (forest of righteousness) and the place was blessed by Lord Rama.


The exterior walls are engraved with intricate carvings, boasting about the mastery of art in those times.
Every single inch of the structure is covered with the sculptural patterns of Gods, Goddesses, birds, beasts and flowers.

Actually, the Sun Temple is divided into three parts namely Surya Kund, Sabha Mandap and Guda Mandap.

Surya Kund:

Surya Kund is a deep stepped tank in the front of the temple. The tank was named after the Lord Surya (Sun God).
In the earlier times, this 100 sq meter rectangular tank was used to store pure water.Presently, the Archaeological Survey of India is responsible for the upkeep and the tank is kept dry.There are a number of shrines around the Kund.

The 108 miniature temples coincide with the number considered to be auspicious by the Hindus

Sabha Mandap:

Sabha Mandap refers to an assembly hall where religious gatherings and conferences are conducted. This hall is open from all the four sides and has 52 delicately carved pillars.

The intricate carvings depict scenes from the Ramayana, Mahabharata and scenes from the life of Lord Krishna.

Guda Mandap:

Guda Mandap is the sanctum sanctum that is supported by a lotus-base plinth.
The designing of the hall was done in a way, so that the idol gets the first glimpse of the Sun at equinoxes.
It is known for a surang (tunnel), which is believed to lead to Patan, the headquarters of the Solankis.
In case of attacks or emergencies, these tunnels provided the ideal escape routes for the kings and members of the royal family to flee to safety.

Believe it or not:

It left me anguished when I realized that all these majesty was plundered with one stroke of destruction by Mahmud Ghazni. Now, this place is just a magnificent ruin;still the architectural grandeur is not vanished.
No matter what is left, yet the remnants provide a great enchantment to behold.


Gujarat Tourism organizes Modhera Dance festival every year on third week of January to promote tourism at this place which celebrates the ascend of North moving sun ( Utrayan for Gujarat)

The idea is to present classical dance forms in an atmosphere they were originally presented in.

Isn’t it looking memorizing ?

How to get there?

The nearest city to Modhera is Ahmedabad, at a distance of 102 kms.
By Air: Ahemedabad is the nearest airport
By Train: Mehsana is the nearest railway station,around 25 kms from Modhera
By road: Modhera is well-connected with major cities like Ahmedabad,Vadodara,Mehsana

Don’t miss the museum out there,which exhibits the remnants and depicts our glorious history.

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