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Not afraid of being single,rather with a guy who doesn’t respect me…


There are two different school of thoughts:

One says when people get afraid of being lonely and criticized by others,they choose partner.The second one says being single is not scary nor something one should be ashamed of and certainly doesn’t mean you are lonely.

I am sure,you must have dated couple of guys who made you feel like princess in the beginning and eventually made you feel horrible about yourself.

So here comes the conclusion,

Being single is not scary,but being on a claustrophobic relationship is definitely,yes ……. Asking for love,respect and hurting yourself ,when not getting it ,is scary.

I am not afraid of crying,I am afraid of getting hurt.

Hurting the feeling and breaking the heart can bring anyone in tears.but tears don’t make me less of a woman.Making fake promises and caring for me with love,respect and compassion is more painful.

I am not afraid of conversations,I am afraid of talking with a guy who doesn’t understand me.

Conversations are more than just hearing or listening.A guy who doesn’t respect or criticize my ideas,opinions and attitudes can never get into meaningful and interesting conversations because of his “I know everything” attitude.

I am not afraid of spending time alone,I am afraid of spending time in bad company.

There are many things which you could do alone for which company is not necessary/mandatory.When someone thinks spending time together or doing something together as just an obligation,and make you feel so,it’s better to spend time with yourself.

I am not afraid of making mistakes ,but the only mistake I am scared of is being with a wrong guy.

Mistakes teach me what I should or shouldn’t do.And they are part of life and give you the most valuable life lessons.But imagine yourself with a person who consider your mistakes as blunders and judge you on the basis of your mistakes,that feeling is horrible.

I am afraid of making love,I am afraid of making love without emotions.

If there is no warmth,there is no connection(both emotional & mental),then it’s simply satisfying physical needs.It’s more like objectifying human being who got desires and feelings.

I am not afraid of being by myself,I am afraid of being with someone who doesn’t let me be myself.

A guy who makes me feel like nothing I do is good enough,a guy who tries to mold me into something he needs,who doesn’t accept my flaws-can never be worth my time and relationship.

One can explore herself,have self-love and self-esteem and value herself in this tiny world without being lost and judged.

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