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Normal to New Normal,Is there any going back ?


Time and again in history, there have been instances where all of humanity is made to go through life altering, all-pervasive catastrophes.

We have nuclear weapons, defying technology to explore the space, but now inspite of all these things, we are so much helpless. Unfortunately ,today the planet is desperately searching for a quick solution to save lives of it’s people. Pandemic Covid is single handedly hijacking every single space that belongs to us. The infamous virus, force the most social animal in the planet to maintain that huge distance of his/her origin of existence.

Our lives have been transformed in ways that we could not possibly have imagined. World has witnessed epidemics, natural disasters but only a specific part of it got affected. Now the whole world is affected as a whole. The challenge is greater than our imagination.


Business and school closures, stay-at-home orders, face masks, curfews, social distancing, remote work, empty grocery store shelves, the disturbing lack of essential protective supplies, a health care system overwhelmed by emergencies. Whole industries paused –conventions, concerts, sports, tourism, restaurants, movies, ­­theaters. No friends, No relatives, no colleagues, no weekend get together, no travel stories to tell. The thing of it is that this is actually is a life-changing event. I don’t mean for just us personally. I mean for the planet. And it’s going to be a long time before things return to whatever it is that we envision is normal.

The want of going back to ‘normal,’ to a pre-lockdown life came in as naturally as a duck takes to water. But perhaps it is imperative to pose a question here;
should we really be going back to how things were or look for a way forward?


Are we heading back to square one, whether in economy or in our defying attitudes???
Will we ever get back to where we once were, or at least to the paths we thought we were on?
When will life go back to normal?

The short answer is that life will never return to a pre-pandemic normal. Our lives will change.

The real question is: to what degree?


Some changes were drastic.From NORMAL to the NEW NORMAL because we were not left with any choice for our lives, jobs, family & survival. But the reverse side now we have choices ,good or bad doesn’t matter.So now change is going to difficult, time consuming. The timeline is going to be long, and it’s going to be bumpy.

And the question, ‘When do we get back to normal life?’ In some aspects, NEVER…
We won’t be seeing in our lifetimes, most of us — a total return to an environment where we’re not worried about, you know, new infections. Now that vaccinations against Covid-19 are under way, we’re all keen to get back to normal as soon as possible. yet I suspect many things won’t get back to normal, even after Covid is largely behind us.


Many of us are also feeling anxious about returning to normal, having realized that our pre-pandemic lives contained a lot that we’re better off without.


Many are worried about returning to commutes and office work that added to their stress and chipped away at their quality of life. And they’re worried about returning to a new normal that looks much like the old normal
When you haven’t practiced in a while, anything can become harder or less fluent. Whether it’s facing your boss or meeting friends.

The pandemic has proven that remote work is totally feasible for many jobs, it was such a waste of time, money, and energy. Sometimes forcing people to choose between their well-being and their career. Many people are also realizing that the intense career pressure they’d felt pre-pandemic obscured their true priorities in life.


Even people who were lucky enough to escape COVID infections may notice their health got worse over the last year. Isolation has made mental health problems worse. Depression, anxiety, stress and many more have seen sharp climb up. People have more stress. They have more food insecurity, they have more income insecurity, more life insecurity.


Many cases of women and child abuse, domestic violence have been registered. Many families have lost hope on relationship and togetherness. So the going back to normal is absolutely a nightmare for them.


When times are tough, it’s only natural to wish for a return to normality. But we live in a complex and interdependent world,so nothing is ever quite the same as before, even after the storm has passed.

But end of the day one thing is constant and that’s ,”we fall, we broke ,we learnt to rise again. That’s how we grow.”

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