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My sexual desires are not taboo…


You are a “Sati Savitri”.”A sex bomb” or a “Whore”…When you put a women into any of these categories ,you deny the essential aspects of who she is …

Her Body!
Her Sexuality!
Her Sexual desire !


Just like men, women have a natural and healthy desire to be sexual.Because of influences from both society and family, many women are less likely to reveal their sexual desire. Society’s point of view reminds us that men are designed to want sex, while women are designed to withhold it.Society views men as wanting sex more than women which is completely untrue.The idea that sex exists primarily to fulfill a man’s needs still lurks somewhere in women’s psyches,making equality,trust,self-respect difficult to achieve.The woman has to do it for him,give him pleasure but somehow not able to take it.’Can’t ask for physical things’, is so deeply rooted in every woman’s mind.And our statistical data makes it even more relevant.83 million women us the emergency pill as contraceptive compared to 16 million men using condom,a five to one ratio.So sexuality is not only having a physical intimacy but more about healthy sex with consent and comfort.



Men have learned that sex with a female is their entitlement.For a man, sleeping with a lot of women can be a point of pride. For a woman, it’s a point of shame. Don’t you agree these are contradictions and double standards ? and this is clearly defining why it’s considered shameful for a woman to be sexual.Women assess their body and their sexuality through men’s eyes.They want to please.It’s sometime like ,”My breasts are perfect…I love them but I like to wear a padded underwired bra to enhance them and make it look more sexy for my boyfriend.Many women just follow a good health care regime and diet and hit the gym to feel more desirable to men.


Culture,Society etc :

We somehow still find ourselves living in a world where our culture persists in sending women mixed messages about their sexuality. We want women to be objects of sexual desire, yet we expect them to be pure. We ask them to own their sexuality but deny them easy access to birth control. Women who’ve taken an equal position to men in acknowledging their sexual nature are often accused of being “easy” or “manipulative.”As a woman you are not supposed to express your sexuality to the extent men do.You should hold yourself back.Don’t express your sexual need.Even if it’s okay for him to say,let’s do it,You shouldn’t. Sex and sexuality have been terribly mixed up with being good or being bad without any reasoned discussion.



When women can’t claim their bodies.For many women, becoming a mother and shifting her focus onto her children can further interfere with her desire for her partner.Society feeds into this notion, indicating to women that now that they are a mother, it’s no longer appropriate to be sexual.If you are cut off from such an essential feeling, you become less alive and less you. When a woman gives up her sexuality, she sacrifices an essential part of who she is. It’s not just about having sex, but about being acknowledged and acknowledging of her full self, her physicality, and her wants.


Unlike anywhere in the world, pre-modern India celebrated the sensuous bodily form.But changing time,things and discussions related to body,sex has become a taboo.

Parents impose their own moral, religious or personal views toward sex onto their children, and this is particularly the case with girls.Little girls are taught to hide or repress their physical selves.Everyone from their parents to their peers may be sending them the message that being sexual is synonymous with being a slut.
Developing breast,hips,body hair,menstruation happen in a barren,desolate,and often confusing landscape.The only sexual conversation happens with a girl which can’t even be termed as conversation is when she got her first periods.And it goes like,”It happens to all,now you are grown up,live carefully’.Teaching children, with words or examples, that sex is shameful, dirty, or not to be talked about leaves an impression that is hard to outgrow.


We have to make bodies scared again.Healthy sexuality should be a consent and a woman should freely and comfortably choose whether or not to engage in a sexual activity.

Let the divine be divine and her choice …

Paintings By : Prateek Panda

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  • February 22, 2021 at 6:56 pm
    Vinod joshi

    My sexual desires are not taboo…
    Nicely written and presented with logical questions. 👌

  • June 9, 2021 at 7:47 am
    Vinay Agarwal

    Thanks for writing on this important topic.A very good read.


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