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Leaning temple of Huma


When talking about amazing yet underrated places, there’s no dearth of places in a country as vast and diverse as India. It’s a country that takes a lifetime to explore and yet manages to throw surprises at you.

Leaning tower of Pisa,one of the seven wonders of the world doesn’t need any introduction.It has always amazed travelers with it’s phenomenal architecture.

But have you ever heard of “Leaning Temple”…….

I am sure,you may not have.Yeah,it is Asia’s first leaning temple situated on the banks of river Mahanadi in Huma village,Odisha. The temple is dedicated to Hindu god,Bimaleshwar which is a form of Lord Shiva.The edifice of the main temple is tilted towards the river Mahanadi.

Is there any specific reason behind building such a leaning structure or it happened with the passing time,the reason is unknown.Few consider it as technical flaws in the foundation,which is completely unacceptable.But whatever it may be,the temple holds a mystery around it which is worth discovering.

Legend :

The temple was built by Emperor Anangabhima Deva III. The temple was rebuilt or renovated by King Baliar Singh (1660–1690 A.D.), the fifth Chauhan king of Sambalpur. The rest of the temples were built during the rule of King Ajit Singh (1766–1788 A.D.) of Sambalpur.


The worship of Shiva is said to have been started by a milkman, who used to cross the Mahanadi daily to a place on the bank where the underlying rock cropped out.Here he offered his dole of milk,which was immediately consumed by the rock. This miraculous circumstance led to inquiries, paved way for the construction of the temple of Huma.


The temple complex got many temples other the main shrine.Bhairavi Devi temple is situated to the left of the main temple and Bhairo temple is situated to the right of the main temple.

Believe it or not:

The surprising thing is, the main temple is tilted to one direction and other small temples are tilted to some other directions. Within the temple complex everything found to be in tilted condition including the boundaries and the angle of inclination is not changed since few decades as said by the locals.The reason of the tilt can be due to some geological reason, may be the earth crust is uneven in structure.


One would find a reddish fish, popularly known as “Kudo Fish” near the temple. They are up to six feet long and are another attractions for the visitors.These fish are human friendly and they enjoy being fed directly by human’s hand!Feeding Kudo fish is considered sacred. A special kind of laddos are made for these fish by the locals.

Annual fair:

It takes place during Maha Shivaratri with mostly falls in the month of March.It is a village fair which attracts crowd from nearby places.

Best time to visit:
Winter is the best time to visit Huma because the weather is perfect for exploring the attractions.Summer is too hot with burning sun and monsoon is humid.

How to get there ?

By Air: Nearest airport is in Bhubaneswar. But the new airport of Jharsuguda is going to operational very soon which is hardly 80 km from Huma
By Train: Nearest railway station is in Sambalpur which is connected to all the major cities.
By Road: It is around 25 km from the main city of Sambalpur.

Apart from the spiritual side,you can enjoy the boat ride on the river Mahanadi and witness a beautiful sunset.Don’t forget to capture the moment through your lenses.Still a relatively quiet place, this village has huge potential for tourism.


India is a mystery and the more you dig deep, the more treasures you discover.

So, keep wandering.

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