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Kashmir in Namma Bengaluru …


Being an explorer you feel bliss when you get an incredible place to sit and relax which serves food
to pamper your taste buds.A place with the wooden interior, miniature shikaras,old style low level seating,rugs and carpets,artifacts,so true to the aura of Himalayan valley.



A lifestyle store cum event space cum cafe housed in a beautiful bungalow with a decor that will remind you of Kashmir-That’s Orzuv for you.
Orzuv ,means wellness of soul in Kashmiri language truly signifies the name.

Fairy lights, glass and plenty of wooden accents,the aesthetic is simply mesmerizing.The boutique/lifestyle store stocks everything from dainty papier mache glasses to dresses, overlays, pants, and tops in silks, mul, linen, pashmina and cotton, all with a hint of delicate Kashmiri embroidery.



Kaleidoscopic Wandering:

The boathouse cafe beautifully combines Kashmiri architecture with antique radio sets and cameras, piling on the nostalgia for a country we never knew. Orzuv also has a performance area, open to artists for free.A small area is dedicated for library space which leads to my favorite room: a low seating area .



The trees outside add to the atmosphere and will make you feel like you are sitting in an old jungle lodge and looking out.



The owner of the cafe Saba Bhat is a Kashmiri,so you can experience the authenticity in the decor,art pieces and food of course.



The traditional style of cooking in Kashmir is known as Wazawan. And when you think of Kashmiri Wazwan in Bengaluru,only one place can come to your mind-Orzuv

Tales of a foodie:

The Wazas(master chef) and the Kandur(baker specializes in making Kashmiri breads) have given the heart and soul in choosing the authentic cuisines from the valley of Kashmir.



The menu is lavish by any Kashmiri standard.

If you love breads, and also love mopping up meaty curries with chunks of bread or roti. Or even with tea-This place is for you.Juicy distraction of Kebabs,mild tanginess of rogan gosht,nutty and fragrant Kashmiri kahwa is so tempting to let go.



And the bread spread which got grida,lavassa,czochworu,bakarkhani,kashmiri kulchas.



Experience of Orzuv warms you.

Travel made simple:

35, 62, State Highway, SH 35, Opp Bhagini Park Hotel, near Neev School,Brooke Bond, Whitefield, Bengaluru

Notes from the platter:

  • Don’t just rush for food.Enjoy the aesthetic of the place.The vibes will take you to a genre unexperienced/less-experienced.
  • If you are a book nerd,you couldn’t find a better place than Orzuv in the hustle-bustle of the city.




If you want to taste of valley’s cuisine and culture,don’t miss stepping in to Orzuv. It surely lives up to what it promises.

Eat ,Repeat !!!

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