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How to practice self-care ?


Knowing you,what you are capable of doing,your limits…Ain’t it self-care?

Do we ever forget to take care of ourselves?
Yes,we do…

We rarely take care of ourselves, and we get so focused on goals,achievements and meeting the excessive expectations we had of ourselves that we tend to forget the basic of our happiness and the root cause of our stress.

I began to take care of myself better, scheduling in time alone, for exercise, and for fun.

And guess what?
I got to know myself better and know what I needed—not just to function, but to flourish.

Self-care isn’t something you do once and tick off the list.

It’s the constant repetition of many tiny habits.

Once you do these,you’ll feel more connected to yourself and the world around you.

Recognize the negatives:

Remember that it’s ok to acknowledge that life is imperfect. We don’t have to feel happy about everything. Be gentle with yourself. Don’t judge yourself for having sad or anxious feelings. Recognize that they’re there, rather than trying to pretend the emotions don’t exist.

Stop comparing:

It is really thief of all joy. We never really know what anyone else is going through or what their journey has been. Let others do their thing, and you do yours.

Take a time out for yourself:

Do at least one thing each day to unplug and get away from the daily rut of life. Have a quiet cup of tea and enjoy it without multi-tasking. Escape for a few minutes to read a good book.

Eat well:

It’s easy to succumb to eating more sugar and carbs in winters. Strategically pick a few occasions where you go off your normal healthy eating plan if you’re ok with that (aka cheat day / meals) and eat healthy the rest of the month.

Drink water:

When our schedules are busy, we sometimes forget to do obvious things like drinking enough water. If you’re feeling sluggish, it could be because you’re not hydrated. Make sure you regularly drink enough water, especially when the weather is dry and cold.


Whatever you normally do, keep doing it! Whether it’s a walk outside, yoga, or an intense workout, keep up with your routine even when the weather changes ,so that your body stays strong and your mind stays clear. And don’t forget the stress relief that exercise provides. It’s one of the best ways I know to beat stress!


This one seems like a no brainer, but how many of us skimp on sleep just to fit in a few more things in the evenings? Make sure you get a little more sleep if your holidays were hectic and you didn’t get enough shut eye so that your body has a chance to recover from the extra effort you’d putting in.

Most of all, make sure you’re spending time with those you love each day.
These little moments will help you feel more rested and keep your mind calm.Try to Cultivate a mind-body-soul balance.

What will you do to foster your own self-care?

Pick one thing from the list or add in your own ideas.
Take 10 minutes out of your schedule and care for yourself every day.
Which one will you try first?

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