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Harmony with Hormones …


Roller coaster of emotions in a short period of time – From feeling fatigue,irritable,forgetful, to angry, a little more temperamental.

However, about 5% of women experience far more severe condition called Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, or PMDD (And it’s different from PMS,Premenstrual syndrome).While PMS has the unique capability to bond women together, it can also draw them apart from everyone else.





PMS is talked about quite often, and there are plenty of jokes surrounding it.No, no. It’s not just one week, gentlemen. Side effects of  ‘That Time of the Month’ leak into almost 3 weeks out of the month.The truth, which isn’t talked about much, is that hormones can affect a woman’s mood the entire month—not just before and during her period.

That time of the month :

Men, no matter what you say, you just don’t understand the utter shit that we women have to endure just to someday possibly bring your sperm to life.One minute you feel fine, quite happy, optimistic and the next minute, something minor leaves you feeling way too oversensitive, irritable, angry and sad; it might be just one of these emotions taking over or a delightful combination! Then let’s not forget the feelings of anxiety or even depression that some women have to endure, it just isn’t fair.




Do you ever feel like while you’re having a mood swing that you are trying to say something but it’s just coming out wrong? Back when I had my horrible mood swings I always felt like there was something that I was trying to say, but it wasn’t coming out correctly.

I quickly found that yelling might have made me feel better in the moment, but it solved nothing. But, it’s not like I could just stop. It was awful. I knew that I was trying to say something important, but all I was doing was hurting myself and others-and I hurt a lot of people. But, like I said, it’s not like I could just stop.

What you do know is that both estrogen and progesterone hit rock bottom in the few days prior to each menstrual period. This is thought to be significant but there’s more to it than that.


Well,coming to the phases:

The Follicular Phase -‘Happy’ part of the cycle
The Ovulatory Phase – Increased libido
Finally, The Luteal Phase -Yucky feeling

And yeah,all these happens in a month and month on month…

Our time-of-the-month personalities:

Gabbing about how our hormones affect our mental health and moods can be a tricky line to walk, because the idea that women are just hysterical, hormonal, and crazy is pervasive and, well, sexist.

No one says:

  • Eat well
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Manage your stress
  • Cut out caffeine,alcohol

A menstruating woman doesn’t lose her rationality, just as a man with an annoying paper cut is still capable of making decisions.So saying one is slightly grumpy because of PMS –

Is it justified ? Is it logical ? Ain’t it sexist ?
So, why are women ridiculed and shamed for something that they can not control and for something that does not control them?




Nothing makes me angrier and more intent on proving my point than someone using a PMS line on me,When your woman gets really emotionally and acts weird during her period, just love her and accept that she is just experiencing hormonal changes.Nothing dramatic…
NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER ask her, “Is it that time of the month for you!?”

Women have been bleeding once a month since the dawn of time and even during “that time of the month” we have achieved greatness. We have ruled nations and corporations, run households, closed six figure business deals, hosted dinner parties and gone about our day to day business without anyone being the wiser of what was going on in our underwear. This idea that women are completely irrational and incapable of operating as they usually do during their menstrual cycle is a myth.

To all the brave hearts:

Please keep fighting the good fight. There is always a way to find that sense of peace, even if it’s not there one hundred percent of the time.

So ladies, the next time a man asks you if it is that time of the month, simply respond with a smile,
“You mean that time of the month when my tolerance for your attitude is at an all time low? Then yes, it is that time of the month!”


Period or Not, Women Are Emotional Beings.Let Her Be a Woman and She Will Love You For it.

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