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Haat_a bazaar lost in time


Those of us who are used to the city’s way of life are perhaps most accustomed to the neat aisles of packaged glory that are on display in the supermarket chains that have become integral parts of our modern existence. But in the rural parts India, there exists an age-old sphere of human activity quite distinct from the strictly commercial enterprise of the modern-day supermarkets – the weekly village bazaar, known locally as the village Haats.



HAAT have been vital to the lives of rural communities from the dawn of time. They are venues for both commerce as well as festivity and exude a feeling of unity and strength. A village haat is a far more exciting place for your weekly grocery shopping than an average supermarket. It is not just a hub of economic exchange, but also a node of social interactions. It is quite truly a feast for the senses! The vendors and their buyers engage in more than just selling and buying; relationships are built in the haat. A familiarity is fostered that transforms the mundane activity of buying groceries for the week into an experience in collective living.



Haat represents a place where one can understand how the other half lives. It is quite distinct from the individualized and siloed experience of a weekly trip to the local supermarket. So next time, if you see a village haat , try to spend some time just observing. It is quite an experience. These captures are from my visit to a nearby #haat in some part of #WesternOdisha. The cacophony , the beaming faces are something which will stay with you for longer…




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