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Escape to Nandi Hills


Breathtaking views,amazing road trip,surreal pictures and Instagram likes -that’s Nandi hills for you ,
an hidden gem located near Bengaluru,Karnataka.

If you are looking for a quick escape from the hustle-bustle of the city and the honking horns ,pack your bags and travel with me.

It’s located at a distance of 60 km from the city center.

Wake up early so that you can witness the beautiful Nandi hills sunrise.Take your car/bike,refuel it and start your journey.Early morning drive(you can even make it overnight fun drive),filter coffee and the beautiful sunrise to welcome the day.


The spectacular landscape, terrific terrain, and the majestic altitude will surely make you spellbound.Once you reach there,take a walk.Which will help you to capture the beauty of nature with your eyes and lenses at its best.

I started sharp at 3 o’ clock.The drive was really smooth and peaceful till I reach the first checkpoint.There I have experienced 100 of cars queued up ahead us.It’s about 10-15 mins of drive from first gate to the last gate.The drive is absolutely amazing, with stunning views and wavy hill driving.The climb just before the last gate is quite steep and hence one is advised to be extra careful.

On the last checkpoint(which opens at 6 A.M ),pay INR 100 and get an entry to the topmost area of the hill.Once you reach there,the view is absolutely breathtaking and this will make your trip worthwhile.Serene environment,mother nature at it’s best,What else you can expect ?

There are many dedicated view points.But trust me,the view equally good from all the locations.

I have noticed few people with picnic baskets and that reminds me of my good old childhood days where we used to have at least 4-5 picnics in a year especially in winters.

A lot of people come to Nandi hills to see the sun rise and leave after that , but if you really want to feel the essence and beauty of Nandi hills you should stay there for 2-3 hours and when the crowd becomes less then Nandi hills seems more beautiful .


Places to explore:
1.Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple-
Popularly known as Nandi Temple, this place which dates back to the 9th century is one of the oldest temples in Karnataka.

Its beautiful complex set up at the base of the hills boasts a spellbinding architecture, which makes a visit to this place worth a dime and your time.

2.Tipu’s drop-
This place is known for being the cliff from where the prisoners were pushed off, it also offers a spellbinding view of the town.It is located on a hilltop on a cliff which is 600 metres above the elevated ground

Driving back was quite effortless.As I hit the highway,I was welcomed by a popular breakfast joint,The Paratha Company.

It’s an incredible place to sit and relax which serves food to pamper your taste buds and piping hot masala tea.

Read about my experience with the place in my blog:


Expert tips:
1. Carry bottle of water with you as you may need to climb the terrain
2. Carry of warm cloths with you as morning are chilling on the top
3. Drive carefully and beware of the sharp turns(Don’t indulge in drink and drive)
4. Beware of monkeys as they are not quite friendly here
5. Carry your camera as you can’t afford to miss the clicks for your Instagram

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