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Dear Equality …


Dear Equality,

Why you have a mistaken identity?

Have you ever felt equal,
Have you felt less of a woman and more of a man.

Have you felt the pinch of being ignored,
Have you felt the pain of being ashamed.

Have you ever heard someone saying ‘Oh she is a girl and she can’t do it”,
Have you ever been cornered for having a vagina,
Have you ever been judged on the size of your bust and color of your skin.

Have you ever tried to be wild and being tamed to be obedient,
Have you ever talked on patriarchy and being termed as Feminist.

I am sure,you have been and you are and you will be…
But still you love your mistaken identity,
You love your pseudo distinctiveness.

You have been slapped ,you have been labeled ,you have been misunderstood…
You were silent in injustice…
So now shut the fuck up!

Better don’t try to make Unequal equal…

They Call Me Nari

Hi! I am Anushree Dash… Freethinker
1 Part Entrepreneur
2 Parts Writer
3 Parts Social reformer
4 Parts explorer
5 Parts photographer, Too many Parts. A free-spirited,non-conformist,,impenitent,independent,adventurous,boho soul and an admirer of life. Loves my Indian roots, Culture, Aesthetic Living, Saree, Poetry …


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