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When looking inward is the solution

Everyone is feeling cacophony of emotions: fear, uncertainty, anxiety, blame, denial.   Though there is silence in the outside world ,the world inside is loud.Is it the calmness or the storm or the calmness before the storm ?Every heart and mind is saying something ,either silently or loud enough to create a mayhem …Safe and...Continue Reading

Beauty Standards_Makeup,No Makeup

And the conversation started with me posting a picture on a social media group ,stating wearing makeup to gym is neither good for your health nor hygiene.To my surprise many pseudo-feminist came and became the torch bearer of ‘let’s not judge women’,’who are you to judge/decide’,’Let her be herself’, ‘Shame on woman like you who...Continue Reading

हाँ में रुक गयी…

हाँ में रुक गयी…   भागते भागते, खुद से, लोगों से… अपनों से, परायों से, में थक गई में रुक गयी…   में रुक गयी ये सोच के, कहीं खुद से ना दूर चली जाऊँ, में रुक गयी ये सोच के, कहीं भीड़ में बस भीड़ ना होके रह जाऊँ कहीं अपने आप में तुमको,...Continue Reading

Walk Away …

Walking away !!! I have done a lot… I have walked away from the people who treated me badly… Walked away from relationships where there were no warmth… Walked away from the one/ones who put me down… Walked away from people who haven’t seen my worth, who were judgmental…Walked away from conversations which were dis-respectful,criticizing…Walked...Continue Reading
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