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Aren’t we obsessed with appearances ?

Aren’t we obsessed with appearances? Why do we care? Why do we get caught up with looks and forget the human behind that skin mask? We forget what lies beneath that face, what lies in the heart and mind, what lies in the psyche. Did you ever stop and think about how often we are...Continue Reading

कोई मेरे जैसी …

उस पार, कोई मेरे जैसी, आँख मिचौली खेलती अपने आप से, खुद को समझाती, सपनों को पूछती क्या तुम कभी सच होते हो या बाकी सब की तरह तुम भी बस दिलासा ही देते हो || मैंने अम्मा से कहा कल तुम्हारे बारे में वो बोली हट पगली ये भी क्या लड़कियों के करने की...Continue Reading

Why is she forced to stay with in-laws ?

Hamara beta toh haath se gaya,ab woh sirf apni biwi ki sunta hai …He’s listening to his wife more.He would rather spend more time holidaying with her…He wants to abandon us! How could he?   Either you do your duty and stay with your parents or you let them down and “abandon” them. What a...Continue Reading

Smoking is injurious to her character

What is the duty of a good Indian woman? For most of our society, it’s ‘upholding traditional values’ .There are restrictions are disguised under the claim that it is against India’s moral fiber and traditional customs of ‘dutifulness’. And this includes smoking.   Many might find this a weird feminist stance. ‘Are you really fighting...Continue Reading
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