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Can I Bleed Red ?


I enjoy my womanhood and I am a happy menstruating woman. But I am sick and tired of presentation of menstrual blood as blue liquid in advertisements and television commercials.

Why can’t we show blood?
Why can’t we bleed red?

I don’t see an issue showing actual actual blood. Women are bleeding since the dawn of the time and our blood is not blue. We are not blue blooded.
Then why these television commercials are so misleading? If i am not ashamed of my periods, why advertisers are?

It’s important to normalize periods but these ads depict the stigmatized mindset of society towards menstruation. And what’s more funny in those ads.
There is absolutely no dialogue and periods days are being referred as “un dinon” or “those seeds”. and once you wear their sanitary pads, you are

– ready to climb mountains
– ready to work on the remotest of village
– ready to win gold medals in sports
– ready for boardroom meetings

I have another question!!!

Why do women look so happy in those commercials? Periods are not happy time…For many of the women periods are painful with those messy cramps, especially for those going through PCOS and menopause.
Then why these ads made someone with no knowledge of periods, believe that women bleed blue and periods are effortless. Why they don’t show the real picture of periods.

Can we show menstruation the way it is without stigma and hesitation?
Can I bleed blood not ink?
Can I bleed red?

Let’s break the stigma and normalize period.

#ibleedred, a campaign by ADiBha She Vision


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