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Breakfast ride to Chota Ladakh


Off-late I have reduced or almost forgotten documenting my travel tales.And suddenly I have realized it would be an injustice to myself if i won’t speak on my experiences after travelling so many places,so many states,mountains,beaches,architectural excellence alone and with loved ones…

I find surprises interesting.Who doesn’t ??? and those unplanned trips on the road are always exciting.

Road,bike ride and surprise,everything was there in this trip for me.One fine morning someone just came and said get ready with your jeans…Because I am not a jeans person at all…Early morning ride on a winter morning…What a bliss it is!!!


Tale of a traveler:

Around 60 kms from Bangalore,towards Kolar is a hidden gem…Nice road ,good breakfast on the highway,picturesque location and most important far far away from the hustle bustle of the city…No honking horns and fresh air …

Started early in the morning and I was craving for a dosa which I finally got but it was not that great…But you can swear by the filter coffee(Caapi ,as they call it).then again back to the bike…and then the road became harsh …last 3kms were village roads and kind of no road situation and might be because it’s a newly explored place and not many know about it…I’m sure the roads will be better in the days to come.


Chota Ladakh is basically a quarry which has been dug deep and has collected water from rain during monsoons.The water is crystal clear and deep for sure …Surrounded by huge rocks ,this will give you a calming and positive vibes.


The thought card:

If you going to this place don’t expect much.Small ride around Bangalore to a secluded place any day is bliss unlike places like Nandi hills which is over-crowded at time of the year.

On-roading in Kolar highway was a good experience for me and when you get this beautiful clicks ,it makes it even better.

A would call it a breakfast ride and wouldn’t mind taking it again …Visit the place before it looses it’s charm.

Notes from the road:

  • Last leg of the road is harsh and bumpy.Be prepared.Drive safe.
  • The place have a dry landscape and a hot climate. Make sure to visit in the early hours and carry water.
  • Don’t forget to carry your camera. Chota Ladakh is a photographers delight.

Leaving you with some postcards from the world…


Stay and Wander !!!

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